Saturday, 3 December 2016.


As I stood on the patio, coming out of a “national benchmark test “at a high school where no soul would want to be on a Saturday morning. I realized how drained I was from choosing random answers out of a thousand multiple choice questions.

Waking up at seven thirty AM was really too much of an effort.

Oh well, that sums up my morning of how productive I was

Anyway, like I’m standing there so lonely, hardly knew anyone and literally wondering where my lift could be. My soul was so determined to engage into a conversation just to keep me going while I’m waiting on my lift. Hungry for company, and tired of writing, still wondering why is my lift so late.

as I stood there, a stranger passed by…

define stranger? a random beautiful lady who is waiting on her lift too, she looks extremely energetic and has this kind of facial expression that only brings happiness. What a smile she had, passing off the Sunnah like nobody has ever done throughout my entire existence.

Wow, what a beautiful and fine soul she is.

As I stood there she smiled at me not knowingly that I have no idea who she is, or what she wants. As time passes by she asked me what am I about to do next year, what a common question everybody is asking me lately. She questioned me again and asked if I’m attending university?

With all these politics and “fees should fall” I smiled saying no I will be attending an Islamic institution. She smiled back at me and glanced at me with her beautiful radiant face telling me the exact same intention what she is about to do next year.

I was astonished and I immediately felt comfortable with her because at least we sharing a little thing in common or probably because her friendly soul made me felt at home. When she heard that I’m about to further my studies in an Islamic institution she immediately asked where? With a confident answer telling her at “Peace international college of South Africa” she got so excited telling me she will be studying there too, the type of soul she was, made me remember my purpose in life and she couldn’t stop speaking to me about her mission, goals and objectives.

She spoke to me about a thousand of things for almost an hour if not I’m exaggerating.

But I was inspired by everything she has told me, she has shared with me her position of what she was doing as a life coach and how she wanted to assist Muslim females who are facing their very own challenges in their daily life.

I noticed something very special about her that even if she passed by as a stranger to me at that present moment, I realized that even a stranger shall implant a footprint within your heart to treasure. She never taught me anything not beneficial but only knowledge to guide what I would love to do in the next 3 years.

She taught me that in life, no challenge is a bad turning point but only a turning point to make a difference. And that if you look at life through the eyes of love, it is beautiful.

Her inspiring words haven’t just taught me about challenges or obstacles one face but also it has encouraged me to look at the world differently and to realized that everyone has their imperfections and their flaws that allow the world to be a disgrace but when you truly look at the world through your eyes with love, deep within every soul there is a side of true hope and beauty.

Today I have met a complete stranger, and I am hoping to meet her again.

What a remarkable and beautiful kind hearted person she is.




Those who have  iman,love Allah more than anything else[Al-baqara 2:165]

Love is a blessing given to us by Allah and is manifested in many aspects of life. In Islam , however, it should be foremost for Allah, our creator and sustainer.

What is love ? 

Love can not be define in terms which adequately reflect its nature and importance in a person’s life. 

It is not even possible to define it by a formula in a manner we define a scientific fact. But yet we all know and that every single one of us know what love is and can tell from our very own personal experience.

What a powerful force that it is. 

It is the most overpowering force on life, it captivates you, it grips you , it moves you and you are prepared to do anything for the sake of it.

Once love is there, what you do is not something that has to be forced or imposed upon you , because you need imposition only for the things you do not love . 

For example, Iman. Iman is something which should penetrate deep within our soul it is as if our heart needs to generate the love for Allah and his prophet more than anything else. Unless this happens, you cannot experience the real Iman.

In order to develop this love for Allah it does not require us to retire or to seclude ourselves in a monastery. This love makes us do our duty to Allah while we are out in the street, at school , at campus or even in the office. With this love , we live as servants of Allah everywhere, willingly making every sacrifice required for us. 

My very own personal experience towards gaining love purely for the sake of Allah was that if you love someone, one of your most intense desires will be to get closer to that person. In Islam you have a way in which you can get closer to Allah and talk to him and that way is through solaah (prayer) .

The prophet (SAW) said that when a person performs solaah, he actually comes nearer to Allah and talks to him. If you look at your five daily prayers , you will have a barometer in your hand to find out how much you love Allah . 

My mission isn’t just to find the perfect soul mate but to actually gain a closer connection to Allah , the one who created us and the one who created the heavens and the earth and the one who is in charge of your entire existence . 

Beauty myth

Can we define the denotation meaning of the word ‘beauty’ ? 

Beauty means the quality of being very attractive to see or to hear. It also refers to a beautiful person or a thing or even a fine example of something.
This literally Sound like a over used statement.

These distractions and these so called trends are drowning us within these worldly matters. What a waste of time to allow your soul to be poisoned with so many chaotic distruptions especially disruptions towards your soul that has absolute no purpose within your life but yet , you allow these chaos to affect you and to destroy your inner self without even knowing that you yourself are responsible to be manipulated and influenced  by these wordly matters.When we look in terms of ‘beauty’ 

Unfortunately the beauty myth has affected a number of Muslim woman both in the West and the Muslim world. 

It is clear to see that there are certain expectations of muslimahs around the world with regards to beauty and appearance that have been set by the society and human being. However, as with any situation where the human being decides for himself/herself how to live their life from their own mind and desires, there will be flaws and problems. The flaws and problems linked to the human being deciding how a woman should represent herself to the world is that unrealistic targets and objectives will be defined. How can you expect all woman of the world, or even in a society, or community to measure up to a certain height, a certain weight, a certain shade of skin and hair colour, a certain look and a certain age. Such a concept is irrational.
Have you ever noticed that In America the most average weight for a model is less than 23% of a normal average woman . Are we all expected to achieve this weight ? The results of such expectations is that many woman feel that they should. 
I experienced that such a concept whereby all women within a society should measure up to a certain look is not just irrational but extremely dangerous, and therefore irresponsible for it can cause an individual to take extreme measures in order to shape up to the expectation of what is describe as a ‘beautiful woman’ causing a number of problems and disorders.
Have we not notice how beautiful we are already? All these flaws and all these imperfections are nothing but true and natural beauty itself which Allah (SWT) has granted us . How can we be influenced with what the world offer us . The world is a nasty place I believe, and its up to us to gain confidence in order to wear hijab with self respect and good ethic morals to be callers to Islam and not callers to beauty or chaos.

Finding Peace and  contentment 

asalaamu alaykum warahmatulaahi wabaraqatu ‘peace be upon you ‘.

How magnificent is the religion of peace ? beautiful and conniving in so many ways. A religion of nobility, tranquility and most importantly a religion of guidance . Islam is what it is.

Islam is not any religion but a religion that consist of ‘the way of life’ and also ‘ a way of guidance to find your peace’.

How amazing is it to deal with sincere peace that comes across your precious life? it is as if a new flower has been planted and you about to water it daily in order for it to blossom to create a piece of art that would outshine nature, so is your life , it is there while you are consistently feeding your soul with the best of knowledge in order to keep you going . Might sound cliché . What I have experienced was that life isn’t  about finding happiness but actually finding contenment.
With my own personal experienced I wonder how does one find contentment
And peace.

I always thought being happy is to do with something you love but as the days passes by …
doing something you love is more like a hobby that you cannot get enough of .

The more I spend time with that hobby the more I realize that I am feeling incomplete .

I never felt really completed , it is more like I am  feeding my soul with happiness but some how my heart still feel incomplete , in actual fact this was my daily challenge that I personally as a Muslimah would face throughout my daily life.

It might sound weird, but my imperfections and my flaws are my biggest challenge that stands within my life , and this is when I realize that I need to make a difference in order for my soul to find peace and contentment.

To make a difference in ones life it takes perseverance and also courage in order to change and to do things differently .

As the days passes by …





Friday ……


Sunday ……

I wanted to find my peace and my contentment and I wanted to feel completed. 
My motivation was to increase myself in knowledge ,this might sound super productive but it was super ambiguous in so many ways .

To be honest… Educating myself with beneficial knowledge allowed me to find my peace and contentment , I have realized that Allah (SWT) would not allow you to face a jihaad or a battle for no reason but only to guide you in order for you to find yourself .

I never knew that I would find myself until I have made a change and the sacrifice to uplift myself spiritually.

My life is no perfect ending , but all I can offer is my personal experience of finding peace and contentment without trying to fit in this worldly life . 

‘Verily this world is only but a test’.